Stock roms recovery flashable

  1. KitKat Stock ROM Deodexed by Aditya

  2. Jelly bean stock rom by Mohammad Ashhar

4.2.2 JellyBean Based ROMs-Dont flash on Doodle 3 (8+1)GB version


  2. 4.2.2 Dream OS by Sarvesh Doshi

  3. 4.2.2 Samsung Galaxy s4 by Mohammad  Ashhar

  4. 4.2.2 Xperia C by Sarvesh Doshi

  5. [4.2-JB]LoLLiFoX-LitE by Abir Roy Chowdhury

  6. [4.2.2 JB] CoalField v2 by Abir Roy Chowdhury

Custom roms

  1. [5.1-LP]CM12.1_LolliCraft™ 5.1 by Teja

  2. LG G3 V2 by Teja

  3. [5.1-LP]AICP V10 by Teja

  4. [5.1-LP] Cm12.1_Resurrection_Remix_v5.5.9 by Teja

  5. Evolution N by Teja

  6. Lewa os v5 BY Ranto

  7. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_OCT-OS by Teja

  8.  [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_carbon os by Teja

  9. MIUIv7- by Teja

  10. MIUI_7.2.1.4 by Teja

  11. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_MINIMAL_OS_V3.0 by Shamil

  12. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_DecepticonOS_V2.0 by Shamil

  13. Xperia Open Source Project(XOSP)-5.4-MM by Teja

  14. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_ZERO-OS-cm13 themed by Teja

  15. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_Blisspop Rom by Teja

  16. SONY Concept™Marshmallow Edition by Teja

  17. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_PAC MAN Rom by Teja

  18. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1_ADPT V3 by Teja

  19. MIUI8_6.6.30Beta by Teja

  20. [5.1-LP]Cm12.1 Mooke os V2 by Teja

  21. Mystic OS v7 by Aditya

  22. Galaxy_Note 5 by Mohammad Ashhar

  23. Inspired 6 by Mohammad Ashhar

  24. CandyPoP_V1.0_by Aditya

  25. [5.1-LP]CM12.1 Exodus by Aditya

  26. [5.1-LP]CM12.1 Stable by Aditya

  27. PussyFap v4 Beast Edition by Aditya

  28. DOOGEE-VALENCIA byAshish Acharya

  29. CM11 FIUI by Ranto

  30. Xperia Z3 by Mohammad Ashhar

  31. Asus zen 2 ui by ranto

  32. CM 11 PAC by Aditya

  33. MIUI 6 BY Ashish Acharya

  34. Samsung S6 by Ashish Acharya

  35. PussyFap V2.0 by Aditya

  36. [5.1-LP]Half Gold Full UI by aditya

  37. [5.1-LP]Cm13 by aditya team AMD

  38. SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 by Teja

  39. MIUI 8_6.8.11 BY TEJA

  40. Amigo os by Ranto

  41. Sony E4_V.1.3 by Teja

  42. [5.1-LP]CM12.1 Validus 8.0 LP By Aditya Kumar

  43. Xperia evolution by Teja

  44. Lollifox v1.7.4 by Teja

  45. CM12.1[5.1] Tesla Os by Teja

  46. [4.4-kk]Dark_Mystic v1.5 by Mohmed Ashar

  47. [4.4-kk]Blaze ui v1.7 by Mohmed Ashar

  48. [5.1] Cm12.1 Hydrogen os by Teja

  49. [4.4-kk] Lolicraft aosp by Mohmed Ashar

  50. [4.4-kk] Material UI by Mohmad Ashar

  51. [4.4-kk]MIUI8_GLOBAL_6.9.22 BY TEJA

  52. [5.1-LP] CM 12.1 cmNos by Teja

  53. CM12.1[5.0-LP] NEXUS by Teja

  54. [4.4-KK]SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 by Teja Team DPT

  55. [5.1-LP]CM12.1 JULY PATCH BY TEJA

  56. [4.4-kk]M-Horse Mate7 by Adish

  57. [4.4-kk] MIUI_8_8.0.1.0_by_Teja@DPT_for_Micromax A102

  58. [5.1.1-LP]Flyme by Aditya

  59. [5.1-LP]CM12.1-V3-HK-PROJECT-20161027–by-Teja@DPT-for-Micromax-A102-MT6572

  60. [5.1-LP]CM12.1-V4-HK-PROJECT-20161125-by-Teja@DPT-for-Micromax-A102-MT6572

  61. [5.1-LP] FlymeOS-

  62. [4.4-KK] Lenova Vibe Ui by Teja@DPT for Micromax A102 MT6572

  63. CM12.1-HK-Project-V5-by-Teja@DPT-for-Micromax-A102-MT6572

  64. Resurrection Remix M 5.7.4-r74 bySourav Chakraborty for Micromax A102 MT6572

  65. [4.4-kk]MIUI 8 by Sourav Chakraborty for Micromax A102 MT6572

  66. [5.1-LP][HYPEROIDOS]CM12.1 Fully Stable by Sourav Chakraborty for Micromax A102 MT6572

  67. ResurrectionRemix-M-v5.7.4-20170602-A102 by Teja

  68. PAC-ROM 6.0.1-R79-JUNE-A102-BY $uresh Prajapati.

  69. FLYME OS V6.6.7.15-A102-BY Suresh Prajapati.

  70. [ROM][7.1.2][MT6572][Beta] LineageOS 14.1 by Aditya Kumar

  71. [ROM][7.1.2_r29][BETA][MT6572] AospExtended ROM V4.5 [OMS//DUI]For Micromax A102 by Teja [20170915]





98 thoughts on “LIST OF ROMS

  1. Thank you almost all ROMs are working
    Stability of some are worse and lot of bugs
    Mostly imei problems..
    TWRP 3.0 works like charm…
    Great work !


  2. My device is mtk6572, 4.4.2, 1GB+8GB & kernel 3.4.67 So, If I port this ROMs for my device Can I use this ROMs on my device?


  3. Miui8 6.9.22
    This rom is very fast
    But it’s create some minor bugs like that
    Mx player doesnt work
    And headphone option is giving me unfortunately settings
    and it only 4.4.2 kitkat
    So i request for upgrade it to marshmallow or nougat


      1. Some main options are missing
        1st one is second space
        2nd is clone app
        And Mx Player not working when i lock kids lock+touch effects
        Gallery editing is not working
        And some more minor bugs


  4. i have micromax a102
    first i install miui8 global and create mi account then i install other rom and then second time i have install miui8 he ask mi account and i forget my mi account so what i do bro
    pls fix my problem


      1. i am flash miui 8 rom and start then he says your phone is assostiate with this account but i am forget this account no. and paasword so suggest me


  5. Bro Miui 8.1.5 ROM
    I didn’t see Dual App and second space in My Doodle 3 8gb ROM mobile and its storage is 1.22 GB inbuilt
    Y? This ROM make for 4gb doodle 3 or my phone doesn’t support This ROM Features
    Plz Create Some more miui ROM I am waiting for it


  6. My phone is doodle 3 1gb+8gb my 6572
    I dwnld the new hyperoid resurrection
    ROM but I think its not compatible in my phone b,coz my phone is not booting its giving only start boot animation but never work what can I do help me


    1. hyperoid & resurrection
      ROM not same roms both r different

      rr will working 5n on doodle 3 1gb+8gb version cuz ss is updated

      and cmng to hyperoid os it also working 5n


  7. hey bro great work.
    thank you very much for providing this roms.
    I have a request please make funtouch(vevo) rom for micromax 102.
    thanks again.


  8. Brother I have a Doodle 3 A102 device it haves kitkat rom……1GB Ram and 8GB Rom…….. So can i install lollicraft rom withount any tension or if i Installed and after installation it will damage my device……plzzz tell me can i do it without any tension or not……….plzzz tell me….reply soon plzzz…..


  9. Bro can you develope the miui9 ROM for doodle 3
    We r waiting for lots of time so plz make the ROM with dual apps and second space and one more thing headphones options are not working properly


  10. Sir i run my a102 on samsung j5 rom but rom see me that my internal storage is 16gb and ram 2gb plz tell me it is real or fake

    Sorry for my english sir


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